Printing Sizes:

20 x 30 cm / 30 x 40 cm / 40 x 50 cm / 50 x 70 cm / 70 x 100 cm

1. Up to 40 x 50 cm Darkroom Printing is available upon request.
2. Black &White and Color Printing are available upon request.
3. Minimum 20 x 60 cm Panoramic Photography Printing is available upon request.
4. Printing process is in conformity with International Museum Quality standards. (Collection Printing)
5. Limited printing rule is applied. Maximum printing limit for each photograph is 20. All photographs are provided with a certificate signed by the Photographer.
6. Photographs include the date, signature and the cold stamp of Tahsin Aydoğmuş.
7. The following information stamp is sealed at the back side of the photograph;

a. Fine Art prints are under the guarantee of Tahsin Aydoğmuş Photography Atelier for being in conformity with the conditions below:
b. Printings are processed on paper-based, cotton fibrous and acid-free papers. Inkjet printing is processed with pigment ink.

8. Clauses above are also valid for the photographs published in books and on the website.

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