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He has been in photography since 1985.
He has worked in Hagia Sophia between 1979 and 2003 which has been the main inspiration and
resource of his works.
His work has been recognized and honored by many National and International Institutions.
1994 Ballantine International Photography Award “Certificate of Excellence”/ London
1996 Ballantine International Photography Award “Grand Prize”/ London
1997 Ballantine International Photography Award “Highly Commended”/ London
1998 Fuji Film Turkey Press Photography Award/ Istanbul
1998 Fuji Film Turkey Interview Award/ Istanbul
1998 State Photography Competition “Grand Prize”/ Ankara
1999 LEICA Olympiad of Photography “Grand Prize” / Frankfurt

His photographs were published in many international and national journals, magazines and other media. Tahsin Aydoğmuş who has held 8 personal exhibitions still lives in Istanbul and continues working in his own atelier. He also participates in photography projections, forums and conferences in Universities and Photography Associations. During the first years, he has photographed with color dia slides; however, at present, he has focused on archival printing techniques and black&white photography. His photography projects are long-term one of which is “Urfa” project on which he has been working since 10 years.


1. HAGIA SOPHIA Color, 1991 Istanbul
2. HAGIA SOPHIA Color, 1992 Nurnberg
3. Nature and Human, 1995 Istanbul
4. Touristic Regions of Turkey 1997 Nurnberg
5. From Istanbul to Nepal 1997 Nicosia
6. From Turkey 2001 Köln
7. Equilibrium 2006 Istanbul
8. HAGIA SOPHIA Black&White 2008 Istanbul
9. ‘Istanbul a timeless Journey’ 2010-2011 Istanbul, Ankara
10.’expression of MOTION’ 2015 İstanbul

1. Ministry of Tourism and Culture Publications “İkonolar” (Icons) 1992
2. Scala Publications, London ‘Ayasofya’ (Hagia Sophia) 2004
3. Istanbul Fotoğraf Merkezi Publications ‘İstanbul’da an’ (Moment in Istanbul) 2006
4. Shell Publications ‘HAGIA SOPHIA’ 2008
5. Shell Publications ‘Bu şehr-i İSTANBUL’ (Istanbul, A Timeless Journey) 2010
6. Yapı Kredi Publications ‘Dağların Gazeli MARAŞ’ (Gazelle of Mountains, Maras) 2010
7. Yapı Kredi Publications ‘Aşklar, Savaşlar, Kahramanlar ve ÇANAKKALE’ (City of Legends and Epics Çanakkale) 2012
8. Tahsin Aydoğmuş ’expression of MOTION’ 2015 İstanbul

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